Well, It's Monday Again
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Some people just have too much time on their hands (people like me!), and they end up creating some rather "interesting" websites. These are also the sites that I usually find myself visiting, since I am also rather "interesting" (if you knew me, you'd agree).

Most of the sites that I find and enjoy I share through the links section of Bluemansez, but some categories are so extensive that they need (and deserve) more space. One such category is Name Generators.

Name generators are pretty simple: put in your name and gender and then hit enter. The generators then compare data with the enormous experimental government funded Artificial Intelligence computer that is tracking statistics on each and every person in the World and is located in a large complex built five miles beneath most of Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas to create your personalized name. Or maybe that was a dream I had last night. Regardless, they come up with some pretty fun and interesting names.

I've tried to categorize them a little, but some really seem to defy category. Anyway, enjoy!

Science Fiction Name Generators: • Hobbit names • Cyborg name •  Middle Earth name, • Star Wars name, •  Magic Fairy name, • Vampire name, •  Pokename.
Porn Names: • Porn name 1, • Dutch Porn name, •  Porn name 2, • Porn name 3, •  Porn name 4.
Bitch Names: • Oz Prison Bitch name, • Prison Bitch name, •  White Lesbian (aka 'Bitch') name, • Office Bitch name.
Gangster Names: • Wu name, •  Ghetto Shiznit name, • Sopranos name • Gangsta name, • Mafia name, • Mob name.
Nationality names: • African name, • Raggae name, • Chinese name, • Afghan Terrorist name,  • Hawaiian name.
Viking/Pagan/Pirate names: • Pirate name 1, • Pagan name,  • Viking name 1, • Pirate name 2, •  Goth name, • Viking name 2.
Religious names: • Mormon name, •  Evangelist name.
80's names: • Smurf name, • Nerd name, •  Mr. T name, • Clueless name, •  Bond Girl name, • Hip Hop name.
Random names: • Random 1990 US Census name, • Taxi Driver name,  • Cute Pet name, • Random Tavern name,  • Stoned name, • Emo Band name,  • Random Cat name, • Silly name,  • Kook name.
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